Convection oven tips, please


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Convection oven tips, please

ttoommyy | Nov 12, 2010 05:18 AM

After a sort of lengthy kitchen renovation, I will be cooking (fingers crossed) with my new GE Profile convection oven some time towards the end of next week. I have searched this board for what has been discussed about convection ovens, but I want to ask:

What is the one thing you can tell this first-time convection oven user that will make learning to use a convection oven an easy task and make me love it?

No naysayers please. I realize there are downsides to a convection oven (and just about everything else in life), but the oven is in place and there is no turning back now. I just want to hear from those who enjoy their convection oven and have a useful tip to pass along.


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