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How do you construct your burger?


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How do you construct your burger?

Bkeats | Jul 22, 2013 08:59 AM

In reading the flipping burger thread, I saw lots of comments about how "toppings" are arranged and sogginess of the bun. So I wanted to see how everyone arranges a burger. When I order a burger out, it usually comes with the patty resting on the bottom bun and with the toppings obviously on top of the patty. You then put your condiments on top of this. Based on my experience, this will lead to a messy, but delicious burger. However, after countless experiments, I have discovered a better way to build a burger. This is based on the fact that I like lots of "toppings. Start with toasted bottom bun, place whole lettuce leaf then add sliced tomato. Meat patty goes on top of this. If you use cheese, should be melted on patty. Sliced onion and pickles go next. Sometimes use another lettuce leaf next. Condiments are smeared on top toasted bun. I've found this construction leads to less soggy bottom bun as lettuce provides a barrier for the juice and placing tomatoes on bottom results in less slippage. Rest of the toppings on top of the burger provides an even distribution so that the whole things doesn't fall apart. Spreading condiments on the top bun prevents the squish of M, M or K that seems to always drip out. How do you build your burger?

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