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What constitutes a "burger" and a "sandwich?"


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What constitutes a "burger" and a "sandwich?"

monkeyrotica | Aug 31, 2009 10:53 AM

I've seen boneless skinless chicken breasts, seared ahi tuna, and now grilled jumbo shrimp with kung pao sauce and fried noodles all described as "burgers." To me, all those are just sandwiches. They may be good or bad but I don't consider them "burgers." To me, a burger is ground protein: beef, turkey, tofu, salmon. I'd consider all of those burgers just so long as the stuff is ground up and formed into a patty. But if you mix some tuna and mayo and chopped green peppers and put it on a bun, is that a tuna salad burger or a tuna sandwich? If you fry a fish and put that on a bun, is it a fried fish burger or a fish sandwich? If you put a one-inch pile of bologna on a bun, what would you call that apart from disgusting? Why do restaurants insist on calling anything they slap on a bun a "burger?" The sandwich is a noble institution. It deserves better than this sort of treatment.

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