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Conquering Biscuits! The ongoing quest...


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Conquering Biscuits! The ongoing quest...

chef chicklet | Aug 7, 2008 10:36 AM

In the past I have posted several requests asking for biscuit recipes, and I've always received wonderful feedback. But there's this certain biscuit that I desire, and so my search continues even after achieving a few pretty good results. News Flash! Yeah I'm slow. Is that what one person considers to be the ultimate biscuit, may not be my ultimate biscuit, or even yours for that matter.

I love a light golden smooth top, uniform exterior with the inside light and almost flakey, but moist. Recipes that require you to drop them from a spoon and pat them out or just stir until the ingredients are combined is not it, that is not the biscuit I want. Slowly I'm learning little tips, things like, how you place them on the baking sheet is crucial, close or spaced. This little item is pretty important to a biscuit lover that wants either a crusty or a softer biscuit.

Okay so here is my "AH HA!" moment. I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and if you've ever watched that show, they make biscuits pretty often. I always pay attention to that part, because some of the biscuits look exactly like just the thing I'm hoping to make.

One of the last programs shown ( this past week) included a cook/owner making biscuits. I was amazed at his formula. He threw some flour in a bowl, salt, and ( I don't know if there was baking powder cause I missed that) then added a big glob of shortening. He mixed it with his hands until he got the consistency of a rough meal, and then he added (buttermilk-I think) could of been milk. So two things that I didn't catch for certain were milk or buttermilk, and baking powder or not.

So I thought to myself, he didn't measure one thing, not one ingredient and he turned out the most gorgeous biscuits. Why can't I do that. And he patted them out, to about 1 in, they were thick, and then cut big biscuits.

I tried this method this morning. And I have got to say I turned out the best biscuits I have ever made. I have no idea how much flour, shortening, salt, or baking powder I used. I did pat them out, and then lightly rolled the top for eveness, they were thick about 1 inch.
Heck since I'm really getting daring I used a largish square biscuit cutter, and then baked them at 450 for 13-14mins. (lightly brushed the top with milk first.)

Ok.... so all this time... well of course my memory card on the camera is broke and I need to buy another or I'd be taking pictures trust me. They look good and they taste delicious!

So has anyone else ever done that? Or am I just so out of it that I should of tried this a lot sooner????

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