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Confusion with "Sell-by" dates and FDA standards


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Confusion with "Sell-by" dates and FDA standards

Crankyrobot | Apr 2, 2013 05:23 PM

OK, I bought a chicken roaster about a week and a half ago. I had every good intention of roasting it, but life gave me lemons and they weren't for the slicing.

So I have it, it's two days after the sell-by date. Now most places say you can use it within this period safely, but FDA standards often say that fresh poultry should be used within 2 days of bringing it home. It also says this on the brand's website. "If bought before the sell-by date, use within 2 days."

But I don't get it...isn't it just sitting at the grocery store refrigerated? Why do I have to use it in two days if it's just going to stay in the same conditions at the grocery store until that "sell-by" date?

Also, should I eat this thing?

Sorry if I sound like a total dumdum.

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