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Confused about beef for burgers


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Confused about beef for burgers

noil | Aug 24, 2013 06:02 PM

I've been learning how to cook burgers at home for awhile now but I'm still confused about the beef choices. Normally, I use ground chuck, but it gets expensive when I have to start feeding more than a couple of mouths. Not as expensive as going to a good burger place, but it still adds up.

The ground chuck I normally get is 80/20. The thing that confuses me are the other beef varieties at the store. There is a similarly packaged beef that is 70/30, but then there is a "tubed" version of ground beef that is also 70/30. The similarly packaged one looks very close to ground chuck, but the tubed one looks different when I unwrap it from the tube. It's hard to explain other than that one looks like spaghetti strands and the tubed one doesn't. Is there a reason for that? And which ones do you guys use for your burgers?

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