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Condiments still safe?


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Condiments still safe?

cynbad | Aug 21, 2008 06:01 PM

I reached into my freezer a couple of days ago for some ice cubes and found only puddles of water. Rather a shocking surprise. So a new fridge is being delivered tomorrow. The fridge and freezer spaces have been holding about 50 degrees for the last few days. The freezer is long ago cleaned out. And I'm about to go into toss-it-all-out mode from the fridge as well, given it's been in un-safe zone for way too many hours. But would any of you be tempted to keep any of those condiments/pickles/jams/capers/chile sauces/etc that populate our refrigerator shelves? Just curious. Though I may choose the "better safe than sorry" option anyway.

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