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should i be concerned about wild boar meat and hepatitis E in usa?


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should i be concerned about wild boar meat and hepatitis E in usa?

curiousaboutcafos | Dec 9, 2013 10:16 AM

Hi I was a pretty big consumer of wild boar meat up until a few months ago. I started eating farther down the food chain but recently with Christmas coming up might want to start planning some boar-related meals for upcoming parties.
I never cook/serve the boar raw/rare, it is always cooked! This is wild boar from either marx foods or broken arrow ranch.

I have been reading about people getting hepatitis e from wild boar. Now at first I wasn't worried, I had heard about this months ago but it was in reference to crazy eating styles such as eating raw boar liver. However in reading the studies some of the people ate the meat cooked, for example the studies state the meat was "grilled" or served in a hot-pot.
They say the boars can carry this disease in Japan and Europe.

I can't seem to find anything about USA hepatitis e boar to human transmission but I'm getting concerned. I would never want to put myself or my family at risk! What might have happened is these people didn't cook the meat all the way but the studies don't state the degree of done-ness, just that the meat was cooked.

Have any of you heard of any type of hepatitis e infections coming about from well-cooked wild boar in USA?
Is this only for the Japanese and European regions?

I am concerned and am just curious what you guys think about this issue?
Thanks for your time

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