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WHEN to compliment food/chef

gizmo18 | Apr 2, 201812:06 AM     18

Often times, dh eats his meal within 5-10 minutes of him being served. He occasionally will sit there with the kids and myself to relax or process the meal, but a lot of times, whether he waits a few moments after he’s done or not, he’ll get up, and say things like “that was a great meal!” Or “man, I’m so full, I can’t eat anymore” while me and the kids are still enjoying. I’m a slow eater by nature, however nowadays I shove food down my mouth in a rush bc I’m feeding my 2 year old, feeding myself, answering other kids questions, all at the same time, but still finish last. He also will sit at the table being the first one done saying I’m full! he says he was taught to wait until the cook (me) sits or takes the first bite which is great, but I’m finding it so rude that I’m not finished and he’s already telling me the ending of his “eating story.” To me it’s like I’m 5 pages away from finishing the book and he’s already done and shouts “that was a great book!” Am I just sensitive? Is this rude? How do I respond? There’s times I haven’t even taken a bite and he’ll say these things. I do appreciate the compliments but when is a better time?

ETA: I should have mentioned, he gets up to get a head start on the dishes, but ends up standing there impatiently bc no one else is done yet, just his plate, and he doesn’t want to go watch tv and then get back up again to finish dishes. I’ve even offered to do dishes... he’s not horrible just lacks empathy (is that the right word I’m looking for?)

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