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Has anyone else here completely lost their sweet tooth?

Furio_giunta | Nov 25, 201805:03 AM     8

I'm 29 and I seem to have been slowly losing my sweet tooth over the past few years. I used to enjoy sweets when I was younger quite a lot. For the past couple of years the only sweets I could really enjoy were fruits, dark chocolate (80% and higher), and cakes IF I myself made them with much less sugar than the recipe stated AND eaten with thick plain yogurt or marscapone to dilute the sweetness. I was also able to enjoy ice cream if eaten with fruit, cranberry sauce, very dark chocolate sauce, plain milk in the same saucer, etc etc

But lately even fruit tastes to sweet to me...and this makes me very sad. Apples, pears, grapes, satsumas, kiwi, persimmons, raspberries... I've eaten these all recently and found them intolerably sweet. I still enjoy these when eaten with thick plain yogurt, but even then sometimes the sweetness sickens me. Fruits I've been able to eat still and enjoy recently are pomegranates (perfect sweetness with the bitter seed), black plums and blackberries (back in August and September).

Also, I find ice cream repulsive now matter how I doctor it up. Tonight I made a dark chocolate mousse, same recipe I used to love, made with 70% dark chocolate, butter, and a raw egg and no added sugar. I was really looking forward to it and the texture was lovely...but again too sweet. I ate it with spoonfuls of tahini but still found it too sweet. I kept eating it though because I really wanted to like it, kind of like picking at a scab even though it hurts. It made a really nice meal end badly- zuppa di orzo with bacon and socca topped with marinara, sauteed leeks, and parmesan. (And a La Chouffe)

You may ask what the issue is, since sweets aren't exactly necessary for human nutrition. Because I just miss the enjoyment I used to get from them. I still feel that need to end a meal with a little sweet. The fruit especially makes me sad because I enjoyed fruit so much.

Has anyone else experienced this, and what gives?

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