Complaints about my viking range


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Complaints about my viking range

liveforfood | Aug 24, 2010 08:40 AM

I have a basic Viking Range, 4 burner, 30" VGIC, all gas (has gas convection). I can't tell you how much trouble we have had with it since we bought it in 2001. We bought it, of course, because we wanted a high performing, solidly constructed range that we could count on for years--we cook a lot and need high heat for some of what we do. We have had this oven serviced at least 4 times since we have owned it. The oven ignitors fail and have needed replacement several times, and when the failure starts to happen, the oven can take over an hour to reach 350 and it never heats to higher temps. It is happening yet again and I am feeling especially annoyed about it. It costs A LOT every time it needs repair, of course, and it is hugely disruptive to my busy kitchen not to have a functional oven. The other thing we noticed happened this time, in addition to a failed ignitor: the pan-like burner cover that sits on the oven floor has failed, too! The spot welds holding the flame covers onto the burner cover gave way and the two pieces covering the flames are just dangling there. We bought Viking because we thought it had solid construction and would be bullet proof. We maintain it, clean it, etc. and it seems this should not happen. The other thing is that the numbers and markings on the knobs to adjust the heat for the range top and the oven have worn off, completely in some places. I have been very careful when I clean them to do so gently, using only with warm water, soft sponge, and mild soap, per Viking instructions. This routine cleaning has taken off the markings. Viking has not responded to my request that they replace my oven knob (the others I can live with but I need the markings for the oven control knob--they are expensive to buy and I don't think I should have to pay for it). I think of the old General Elec. range I had in an apartment years ago that was wholly reliable for the many years I used it. I have been so unhappy with this viking and I will never get another one. We also have a companion range hood--nice looking and works well and all but a fiasco to take apart and clean. Don't know if others have had troubles with Viking products. Is it just me???

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