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Competitive cooking shows- over use of certain dishes or terms?!

Kris in Beijing | Jun 29, 201207:46 AM

It's summer, I have a backlog of dvr shows, and thus I'm sort-of experiencing an "immersion" in FN and other cooking programming. As I'm watching shows back to back to back-say Chopped-that were filmed over years' spans, trends are emerging.
The Anne Burrell-hosted chef search last night reinforced some things.
There are a short list of preparations that chefs, when put under time pressure, seem to default to because -they -think -these -dishes -are -creative, -modern, -or -trendy. My daughter is considering a fine food occupation and we are compiling a list of dishes or terms that make us "sad" when we see a chef proudly announce how/what s/he has made:

A salad for the appetizer round, especially Caesar
Chocolate ganache

I know there's at least one protein treatment we see all the time, but it has escaped me at the moment.

So—what dishes or preps do you guys think are over-used ON TV because the chefs think they're being creative or trendy OR because it's a time-default dish?

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