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Como se llama los chicharrones de pollo?


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Como se llama los chicharrones de pollo?

Professor Salt | May 17, 2004 12:15 AM

There was talk last week on the Los Angeles board about (pork) chicharrones as served in tacos and this dislodged a food memory from my childhood.

I have a Mexican branch of the family, which may seem odd for Japanese family who emigrated in the 1970's. In any event, these blessed people introduced me to real Mexican cuisine as a youngster and I'm forever grateful for that.

One of the things my aunt Cruz made for us kids is chicken cracklings, fried until crispy and flavored with lime and chili powder. I remember trying this the first time and my world changing in that moment. This is mom cooking, so I've never seen these offered in any restaurant / taqueria in LA, where I now live. Does anyone know what these cracklings are called in Mexico?

I rememer the schmaltz / griebenes thread from this past April. A link is below. While it's similar, the chili and lime make my auntie's version distinctly Mexican. Has anyone else tried these?


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