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Community Shabbat dinner

Maxinella | Dec 20, 2004 12:42 PM

Our shul hosts a monthly Shabbat dinner for members. We have a good relationship with a caterer and she is willing to make whatever we want. So here's the problem. The meal needs to be dairy because we have a lot of vegetarians in the congregation. It needs to appeal to kids as well as adults and it needs to be something that can be kept warm in the oven from about 3:30 until we eat around 6:30. Oh yes, and because we want to attract as many people as possible, we need to keep the cost to around $15.00 per person.

So far, we have had baked ziti and lasagne, which works o.k., but tends to look a bit wilted after all that time in the oven. Also, you get people grumbling about the cost. I've suggested eggplant parmagian or cholent, but I'm sure that there's a whole world of food out there we aren't considering.

Remember, it needs to be non-labor intensive as well as vegetarian, so veggie stuffed cabbage is right out. Thanks in advance for your help.

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