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A Community Ofrenda for Día de los Muertos: Day of the Dead

kattyeyes | Oct 30, 200906:08 PM

Día de los Muertos is upon us. Let's celebrate with a community ofrenda to welcome our loved ones back for a visit with some of their favorite foods. I'm hoping our ofrenda will be REALLY HUGE.

Some background on this holiday:

One of my favorite videos to bring the concept to life:

Here are my contributions to the ofrenda.

For my father: a plate of my mom's spaghetti and meatballs and a box of Jujubes

For Poppy: some Portuguese sausage (we are Italian, but I can remember him making special trips to Hartford for it), the best hot dog I can find, a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and plenty of Hershey's syrup to go with.

For Nanny: I'll make her oatmeal cookies with M&Ms and add a box of Canada Mints and a pack of Freshen-Up gum to the ofrenda.

For Aunt Pegi: spaghetti carbonara, steak tartare (because I first ate it with you and got me hooked at an early age!), a pack of Marlboros (despite my hatred for them) and the best chocolate cake I can make. We can all share, given our family's proclivity for sweet treats. :)

For Uncle Al: a giant grinder from Franklin Ave., a cream puff and a diet Coke, 'cause for some reason, you seemed to think the diet Coke canceled out the calories in everything else. Semper Fi, ol' man!

For my Carly girl: a pig ear, a squeaky chew toy and some homemade peanut butter cookies

Love and miss you all--you live forever in my heart!

Chowhounds, please join me in welcoming the souls of the departed with your own additions to the ofrenda! I won't go into detail of the pictures I'm placing in honor of everyone I miss. But in my mind, I'm fondly remembering many happy memories of special times together and encourage you to do the same.

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