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Commodity Beef [split from California]


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Commodity Beef [split from California]

juantanamera | Jan 5, 2010 09:56 AM

Josh, with all due respect to your preference for grass fed beef, you seem to misunderstand or misuse the word commodity. Brandt beef is from a specific ranch, raised with specific standards, and not mixed with other products, Thus it is NOT 'commodity' beef. Commodity beef is of indeterminate origin, and may be (usually is) a mix of beef trimmings from several states and/or nations.
I agree Brandt beef is not the ideal product due to its heavy use of imported corn. (they also use local feed.) But it is regionally raised (for San Diegans), hormone and antibiotic free, and, most importantly to me, traceable to its place of origin. That's a far cry from the commodity beef served at most restaurants.

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