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Commercial Spice Rubs

JMF | Jan 1, 2014 09:01 AM

I've always made my own rubs from scratch, but ran out of spices the other day and had a bunch of racks of pork ribs to rub down and let sit overnight before going in the smoker. So I picked up some jars of McCormick rubs from the supermarket. They were actually pretty good. The "Pork" and "Sweet & Smoky" were more than acceptable. The "Cowboy" was actually very good. All were good enough that no one wanted the ribs finished with sauce and four people ate three whole 7-8 lb. racks between them over the course of the NYE festivities.

Yesterday, while the ribs were in the smoker, I took a drive to Penzey's for spices, thinking to make up a batch or three of rub for another few racks of ribs in a few days. (Sale this week on racks of ribs.) I ran across their rub mixes and they sounded and smelled interesting. So for the heck of it I bought 4 oz. packages each of their original "BBQ 3000", their new "BBQ 3001", "Barbecue of the Americas", "Bangkok Blend", and "Arizona Dreaming."

I'll report back when I try them. You can read what's in the mixes on their site.

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