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Comfort Food - Savory Rice Casserole


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Comfort Food - Savory Rice Casserole

gordon wing | Aug 29, 2006 03:46 AM

For me this is a comforting dish to make -
I thickly sliced some pork shoulder into bite size pieces and did a quick marinade: soy, sesame oil, touch of chili sauce....after 10 minutes I toss with corn starch to lightly coat. Meanwhile I started the rice cooking. Chop equeal amounts of garlic, ginger & fermented black beans together .... lightly stir fry until fragrant and then moved up the sides of the wok while the pork is put into the wok center. Turn up the heat and sear the pork - quickly remove from the wok onto a plate. Re -oil the wok and add sliced bits of rehydrated black mushrooms....stir fry briefly to coat with oil and add a bit of the mushroom soaking water ( that you have reserved ) to plump the mushrooms .....add a splash of soy and let it absorb. When that happens, remove from the wok and add to the pork. I also add some chopped onion & scallion that I have briefly stir fried. I also like some sliced chinese sausage added to the mix.

When the water in the rice pot has cooked down so that craters start showing up on the surface of the rice then you can add all the ingredients on top of the rice and cover the pot. Lower the flame to low and let the steam of the rice cook everything. Do not lift the lid to check up on things - half way through ..... wait.....if the meat is not too thickly sliced it will only take about 15 minutes to cook the rice and everything else. The pork, sausage, black beans, etc.... will flavor the rice....yum.

here's a link to an image.....


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