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Columbian spirit- Aguardiente Cristal


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Columbian spirit- Aguardiente Cristal

Spoony Bard | Jul 4, 2006 03:44 PM

Interested in learning more about this spirit. I've had Aguardiente Cristal at a couple bars in NYC in place of rum in a mojito, and I relished the additional nuance of anise it gave an already delicious drink. Not bad on its own, either.

Wikipedia says Columbian aguardiente is a sugar-cane derived, anise-flavored liquor with 29% alcohol content. A (new-improved) search on the boards turned up a brief mention by the LA board's jerome, saying it's similar to cachaca, closer to vodka than rum, and that it never belongs in a mojito. Fine by me. Let's call it an aguardientito and enjoy it just the same.

Anyone else tried this licorice-y wonder? And how different is it from pastis?

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