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Color me stunned-Top Chef-Spoiler

Phaedrus | May 4, 2006 12:25 AM

My girl Lee Anne got canned. Wow. I thought for sure Dave would get the axe, but when he got in I knew Lee Anne's time was up. To be fair, Lee Anne's dish didn't seem like her best, but she got screwed when she had to go last of three lamb dishes.

Oh, and Dave did cry again. His dish looked really intriguing and he really did make a pretty bold move by going low on the pretentiousness meter. Bravo for Dave.

One thing that really grated on me but it really stood out tonight is that they edit the thing so that all the criticisms are grouped together so that the whole thing seems totally negative and then they pull a bait and switch and keep that person, I thought Dave was done for when they harped on the pepper monkey and Harold was done for with the gritty mushrooms. I guess that is their technique to build drama.

Lee Anne also quit being nice at the end, but she was still referring indirectly to Tiffani. From the tease, and I hope this actually happens, the whole cast looked like they dump on Tiffani in the reunion show.

I actually enjoyed the judging panel this week, I learned a lot from their comments, they started out kind of hoitty toitty but when it came to the food, they were all business. Oh, I now can not stay in the room whentrophy girl and Gail Simmons try to speak. Its like listening to the robotic voices in the airport.

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