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Color matching

Kathy3452 | Jul 1, 2014 07:31 AM

About five years ago we redid our kitchen, our stove and refrigerator were only a couple of years old and in good working condition. Sowe kept them and purchased double ovens and a new dishwasher. All in bisque to match the existing appliances. Our problem now is the stove has to be replaced and no one makes a slide in range in bisque but one manufacture, and the model they make is 3 steps down from what we have. It's been recommended to us to go with either black or stainless for the new stove, black is not even an option for us. Just wondering what your thoughts are on going with a stainless range. Refrigerator and ovens are on a separate wall range sits on one wall by itself. Any thoughts as to what we could do.

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