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Cold Stone Creamery

SLL1065 | Aug 22, 2005 06:40 AM

I went to Cold Stone Creamery (CST) in Westborough today for the first time and found it to be a mediocre experience. CST specializes in ice creams with custom mix-ins to make unique taste combinations. You can choose ready-made flavors or create your own.

I had ready-made flavor, a medium Black Forest Dream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone cup. The flavor was made from chocolate ice cream, cherry pie filling, brownie bits, and fudge sauce. The waffle cone cup was a waffle cone but made so it will fit into a cup. Think of it like a dessert shell.

The downside for me was the waffle cone/cup tasted stale. It was like eating graham cracker flavored cardboard.

Pricing I guess is comparable to other ice cream places when you consider your order size and the mix-ins that you get. I paid $6 and change for mine.

Maybe I went on an off day but I didn’t find the experience rave worthy. I’d be willing to give them another try and then make a final decision. Overall though, I certainly wasn’t impressed enough to consider them worthy of a special trip to get ice cream.

On an unrelated note, I was horrified at the dignity sucking “behavior” the employees have to do when given a tip. The cashier ringing the sale loudly announces they have received a tip. The entire counter staff then launches into a song acknowledging the tip. This happened twice when I was there. It’s sad in a “dance little monkey for your tip” sort of way. I’d love to see their corporate officers work the counter and do this each and every time and see how fast it changes. But, I digress and enough of the rant.


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