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Cold-smoked salmon freshness question


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Cold-smoked salmon freshness question

veryveryrosalind | Nov 9, 2008 05:17 AM

I know, the adage is when in doubt, don't, but there's like $13 in salmon at stake here, and these are tough times. :)

A week ago today, I bought two vacuum-sealed packages of cold-smoked Atlantic salmon. They were in the refrigerated case at the store and the package says "Keep refrigerated below 38 degrees" but doesn't say anything about expiry. I brought them home from the store at about 4pm, and immediately began making canapes for a party. I ended up not opening the second package, but the party was starting and I forgot to put it away. At 2am I realized the second package, still unopened, was still out, and stuck it immediately in the fridge.

So the sealed package was out on the counter in my 65-70 degree kitchen for 10 hours. I thought I would eat it right away, but then the week got away from me, no time for a bagel brunch, and I still haven't. Is it now still okay, or would you toss it?

There was a related discussion on this board about a year ago about eating shelf-stable (hot-smoked) salmon after a year in the cupboard, but this is a different issue--cold-smoked, refrigerated salmon after 10 hours at 70 deg. and then a week at 38 deg.


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