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Cold grinding for matcha,espresso, soymilk...etc


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Cold grinding for matcha,espresso, soymilk...etc

HLing | Dec 21, 2007 11:13 AM

I've finally found my manual stone grinder! A Quern.

My order of the 6 in coffee and grain grinder just arrived. It's good for both dry and wet grinding. With shipping it cost me about $55. I'm testing it out, "breaking it in" as it advises me to do. It grinds to fine powder quite efficiently.

So far I have plans to learn to make the Japanese matcha (green tea powder) by using my own tea grounds, to grind coffee beans for espresso, and to make small batchese of soymilk (and tofu..etc). I think it may or may not be too fine for espresso grounds, but am pretty sure it'll be great for matcha.

Previously when making soymilk from a blender, I could always smell the scent I have come to call "electricity", that same smell a machine bread maker leaves on the bread that I can't stomach. I couldn't even imagine having that smell ruin tea or coffee grounds.

The journey begins.

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