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Coffee Tasting in Calgary?

can_i_try_some | Jun 8, 200812:21 AM

Okay, so coffee is following the path of wine more and more. Not only is the country of origin important, but the region and often the "estate," producing the beans are of importance as well.

Wine tastings are common place; any decent wine shop will hold regular events to educate their customers and help expand their tastes.

So, my fellow Chowhounds, are there any establishments here in Calgary, which is in the midst of a coffee renaissance, that holds coffee tastings? I'd love to know exactly what it means when a coffee is described to be "earthy", or "winey," or even "bright."

I know Transcend Coffee in Edmonton holds coffee tastings, but I'm hoping to find a place in town. And if there isn't one here, I think that it would be a very popular event, should one of our esteemed coffee houses decide to start holding tasting sessions. And if you have the ear of any of the owners of the local coffee shops, please suggest to them that coffee tastings would probably be a very good idea - the ones at Transcend are often booked up weeks in advance.

I'd be one of the first to sign up for sure!!!

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