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Coffee Shop in which to finish my novel

JillPickle | May 15, 2008 09:04 PM

I live in Los Angels where there is not one good coffee shop. There are only cramped spaces that serve bad coffee and people yakking on their cell phones and smoking cigs and behaving extrovertedly at all times. Overlooking traffic.

I used to live in Portland, I used to be a slacker, I used to go to coffee shops (Stumptown Division, Belmont and downtown, Albina Press) and read and stare and daydream and fret but since I've moved away the Stumptowns and AP have become too noisy and too much of a scene (Albina Press is okay before 7 am).

Does anyone know of a place that's like the old days of say downtown Stumptown when it first started: a place to be alone in public, still loud but somehow conducive to spurts of creativity, interesting people (bike messengers), great coffee, sullen, stuck up baristas who make great coffee.

I'm willing to drive anywhere although I'll be staying in NE Portland. I need space for my laptop and space from other people. No cigarette smoke. Trees. Grass.

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