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Coffee shop/bakery: What Do You Do with The Tip Line on A Credit Card Slip ?

spahkee | Jun 6, 2012 10:01 AM

I was taken aback twice this month. I went to 2 different coffee shops with baked goods and paid with a credit card. My credit card slip had the amount of the purchase (coffee and a bakery item) and a line for a tip and then the total.

What are people's opinion's on what to do with the tip line? I mean, I'm asking the person behind the cash register to pour me a cup of coffee and open the bakery case to hand me my food item. I will occasionally put $$ into a tip jar if I'm a regular customer but it's not something I do automatically.

Maybe it's psychological but a tip jar feels more optional to me than a printed line and a total line, just like you'd see in a restaurant. In fact, at one of the shops, I signed it and didn't fill out either line and the server said "you need to total it" --- felt very uncomfortable.

Thoughts / opinions?

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