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Coffee Roasting at Home

applehome | Jun 27, 2003 12:18 AM

I'm contemplating buying an inexpensive roaster. Can anyone out there make recommendations? On the web, I've found Caffe Risto, Freshroast plus, Zack's and Dani's. It appears that there was a brand called Hearthware with several models, but they're not selling these anymore. I see prices for these smaller machines from $75 to $140 - the next round seems to begin around $250. Question is - is this like Espresso machines, where the low end, no-pump machines aren't even worth considering? There are at least a couple of references for using hot-air popcorn machines - is that a serious alternative? Any comments from people with some home experience would be appreciated. I've read comments to the effect that even a poor roaster is better than coffee roasted more than a few days ago. Any truth to that?

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