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coffee pudding/mango pudding recipes?


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coffee pudding/mango pudding recipes?

lilaki | Jun 28, 2009 02:44 PM

hi chowhounders,

i'm hoping you can help me out ... i was at a pot luck last night and one of the guests brought a coffee pudding and a mango pudding. she said she purchased these at a chinese bakery @ first markham place.

i'd like to re-create these dishes at home - they were divine! the mango pudding was similar to what i've had at dim sum before but WAY creamier and with chunks of mango. the coffee pudding was also very creamy and delicious. both were purchased in plastic containers with lids - sort of reminded me of plastic take-out containers.

anyway, both puddings were also quite 'solid' ... i.e. not soft like a pudding packet ... closer to the consistency of jell-o but perhaps not quite as stiff. the puddings could actually be sliced like a cake and scooped up onto your plate ... they didn't TOTALLY hold their shape but they weren't entirely soup-y either. i'm pretty sure they had gelatin in them. the coffee pudding was so strongly flavoured that i ended up being a bit wired on the caffeine (i think!!).

does anyone have a recipe or know where i can find a recipe for either of these dishes?


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