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Need a Coffee Maker Rec

sivyaleah | Aug 26, 200509:53 AM

My Krups does well enough, is even programmable which is a key feature for me. However, I've been searching for a coffee maker which will make exceptional coffee, realizing of course starting with high quality, fresh beans and filtered water are a necessity too.

I haven't been thrilled with anything I've seen. Part of the problem is I hate they way they look visuall. Most are too clunky looking, rather massive in fact. My cabinets are set a tad lower than most, as we're very short people in my home and some of the new ones with grinders can barely make it underneath.

I'm open to one which will only brew 1-4 cups too. My husband doesn't drink coffee and for larger groups I can pull out the 2 12 cup makers I already own.

I've tried using a french press (I can never seem to quite get it right), and have pulled out my espresso maker now and then. But both are too much trouble early in the morning when I can barely see to put the coffee in the filter of the drip machine LOL.

So, basically I'm looking for something chic, concise which brews a good cup. I'd even dispense with programmable at this point, since I don't use the feature too much. I don't even care what it costs.

Thanks for any advice you can give me!


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