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Brandon Nelson | Nov 8, 2001 01:33 AM

Does the title make you go "Huh"?

Up until a few weeks ago it did the same to me. My first experience with cupping was 3 weeks ago at "Coffeefest" in Seattle. "Coffeefest is a series of seminars, and a trade show, about the specialty coffee industry.

The cupping seminar was similar to a wine tasting. We each had a place at the table where we had 4 bowls of ground coffee, a spoon, a rinsing bowl for the spoon, a spit bowl, and structured sheet for notes.

The instructor talked about the coffes we were cupping. Making finer points about their countries of origin and processing. Then we got to work. First we long deep draws over the ground coffee. We made notes and discussed the bouquet of the grounds. We then added water and let the coffee steep for 4 minutes and went through the same process with the liquid. We then slurped coffee from our spoons and made more notes and conversation as the coffee went from hot, to warm, to tepid.

Yesterday I had the good fortune of attending a cupping at Wolf Coffee in Santa Rosa. This time we went through this roasters whole line, about 40 coffees.

This isn't a new process to me as I have been involved in wine tastings before. The coffee angle is new however.

Any other chowhoundshave similar experiences?


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