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Coffee brewing epiphany.

JeffW | Mar 12, 200810:08 AM

Greetings Hounds,

From the accidental breaking of a Bodum electric coffeemaker, (and my subsequent new brewer), I feel like I'm drinking coffee for the first time.

The coffee maker that broke was interesting. The plastic carafe would contain water, and an upper bowl (with a long tube that lowered into the bottom carafe) would nest on top with a rubber gasket between the two. In the upper bowl, you place your coffee. The water in the lower carafe heats, goes up the tube, mixes with the ground coffee in the upper bowl, and it all does a little simmer for about a minute in this upper bowl. Then a vacuum forms, with the coffee passing through a gold filter, back down into the lower carafe. I always called this brewer an electric French press.

Anyway---the above method is how I've been making coffee for most mornings, and for about 5 years. Our Sunday morning coffee is usually an authentic manual French Press. For both methods I will weigh out 2 oz. of beans, per 32 oz. of water. And I've always enjoyed rich, full bodied coffee.

When my Bodum broke, I went to a nearby Williams Sonoma to check out the different drip coffee brewers that are available, as instinctively I wanted a change from the one I'd been used to. I knew that I wanted a brewer that had a glass carafe, and that would stay hot from a heating plate. I was told that with all of the brewers out there, that they really all worked the same. I decided then to go with something really in-expensive. I ended up at Bed and Bath, and I bought a $29 Mr. Coffee brewer. I also opted for the optional permanent gold filter instead of paper.

My epiphany came when I used the same amount of coffee to water ratio in this new brewer. STRONG is all that I can say. For me, it was coffee heaven. Spousal unit says that it may be a little too strong for him. And so begins my experimentation of using less coffee per amount of water. Maybe I'll try 1.9 oz. coffee per 32 oz. of water, and go from there. What I'm finding interesting is the way that the water sprays over the grounds in undulating waves. It seems to pre-infuse the coffee, during the process. I guess this extracts more of the coffee into the finished brew. I just know that of all methods I've yet to try, I am tasting much more coffee flavor and body from my reasonably priced Mr. Coffee brewer.

Cheers all,

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