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hefood | Jun 20, 2007 12:41 PM

I have been excited to try this place out since I knew they were coming there. First off they completely gutted Tim's, which I am sure they had to do, and have turned it into an absolutely beautiful space , with a long bar and a decent amount of tables. The drinks are cheap which is usually enough for me , so when I tried the food my expectations were low.

I was there on Opening night and have been there 3 times since (it is across the street) . The first night I had Turkey Portabello Meatloaf which is unbelievable. The portabello gives the turkey a more beefy flavor and the gravy was perfect. It came with whipped potatoes that were light and creamy and an asian vegetable mix that was still crisp. The service was professional and responsive (granted this was opening night and the place was empty). One complaint is that the entrees take a little longer to come out , but since the drinks are cheap it makes it an easier wait. The owners Mike and Jim are from "The Common Ground" in Alston and seem like very good guys.

The next time I had the Grilled Pork Chop, with potato Gnocchi. The Pork chop was very good and moist and had what we thought was an Apple Chutney, but turned out to be more of a compote. The Gnocchi were amazing little bites of heaven that just exploded with flavor. This time we sat at the Bar and the entree still took a bit and the bar staff was not super charismatic.

The last time was last night and I brought a friend. I had the Roasted chicken, which also came with the Asian Vegies, but I got greens instead of the potatoes which are too fattening for me right now and too hard to resist. We had a great Bartender named Blair who sold me on a french rose they had by the glass that was fantastic with a hint of fresh strawberries. The chicken was roasted, but somehow was so moist it seemed impossible. I asked them to ask the chef how he did it, but like the Turkey Meatloaf he is not sharing his secrets. My friend had the short ribs which I tasted and almost orgasmed over,they were so tender and rich. He is a big food snob and was raving. My Friend had the Key Lime Pie for desert. I don't think they make it there, but it was excellent.

For a place to be great ,three separate nights, a week after opening is pretty rare in my experience. I was constantly waiting for something to be wrong but nothing was. Prices are very reasonable for what you get I almost didn't want to write this because I want to save this little gem for myself, but I also hope he survives, restaurant business is not easy.

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