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cod cheeks


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cod cheeks

yumyum | Sep 3, 2002 02:00 PM

Having just returned from a week in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and having forced the owner of the deep-sea fishing adventure outfit to give us the cod heads rather than throwing them away, and having insisted truly good friend with boning knife extract cheeks from said cod and having dredged them in flour and fried them up and eaten the sweet morsels, I turn to you, chowhounds, for enlightenment.

Please tell me everything you know about cod cheeks... how to expertly extract them from the head (we sort of made it up as we went along), how to prepare them to maximize their coddy goodness, and why we are just now seeing these gems on restaurant menus and in fish shops when according to the book "Cod, a biography of the fish that changed the world" they have been enjoyed ever since people started eating cod. Or have I just been under a rock?

Thanks, yumyum

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