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Coco la ti da

babette feasts | Nov 19, 2006 03:16 AM

Was on Capitol Hill tonight (finally made it to Via Tribunali - now THAT'S a salumi plate!) and stopped by Sue's new place.

Disclaimer: I will be upfront and admit I don't believe the hype surrounding her. I think her work is good enough but not amazing overall, and gets way too much media attention. Is it the cutesy names? Is it the pulled sugar? Is it because she worked at Campagne way back when it was the industry insider hotspot? I respect that the W was a huge position, I just resent that when the Seattle food media talks pastry, it's 49% isn't Sue so very very clever with the cute little names, 49% OMG the coconut cream pie at Tom Douglas, and 2% Hsaio Ching tries to convert a few more to how amazing Besalu is.

Anyway, the place looks nice, comfortably elegant without being frou-frou. The plated desserts were all $10, and there are some smaller offerings for less. I got a few things to go, a mini cherry tart ($3), a mini chocolate tart ($3), and a mini namesake chocolate coconut thing. Both of the tarts had that slightly softened pastry that happens when tart are refrigerated (especially after a day). The cherry seemed to be a puree of dried sour cherry compote, the chocolate just some ganache with white chocolate piping on top. tHe cherry didn't really scream Cherry!, more after a few bites I came to the dried sour conclusion. I found the ganache sweeter than I prefer, but then i do like my chocolate very dark. The Coco la ti da tastes exactly like a Mounds bar, which is good on one hand because that's one of my favorite candy bars, but bad on the other hand because it is very sweet.

I had read that she's doing all of her dessert production at a kitchen on Queen Anne and immediately wondered how she's going to keep things fresh, and the tarts suggested that the system is perhaps not entirely refined. I will probably go back sometime and try the plated desserts when I can find a friend to assist in tasting.

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