Cocktails & Spirits 6

New cocktail Pixie Potion No. 1 and how it came about.

YAYME | Mar 18, 2012 07:13 AM

A week ago I was chillin with my friend Scarlet and I told her I bought a bottle of Pinnacle Cotton candy vodka on impulse I said it was pretty good despite being cotton candy flavored and mixed well with fruit juice. She told me it sounded like an Angel's Fart. Then we said that would make an excellent cocktail so we both set about making our own versions). Mine had The Cotton candy vodka, Amaretto, Lemoncello and club or cream soda. Hers was much more.... interesting can't quite remember but it also had the vodka in it.

Today I lacked lemoncello and the cream soda but I was bored, bored, bored.
So I made something like it. I kept tweaking it and got this.

Pixie Potion No. 1

1 dash rose water
1 dash cinnamon
1/4 of jigger of Contrieau
1/4 spiced rum
1/4 Pinnacle Cotton candy vodka
1/4 Old Tom Gin
1/4 Amaretto
dash of fresh lime juice
1 egg white.

Everything with ice shake vigorous for a minute.

Serve in glass, admire your handy work and sip.

I'm thinking of taking out the rum, I wanted a sugar cane like element but the cotton candy is fine for that. And it needed an edge so I added the Gin.

Oh the Rose water should be a pastis I think. A few drops.

Any help paring it down, so it doesn't knock people out in one sip?

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