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What would you sub into this cocktail?


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What would you sub into this cocktail?

Pei | Aug 14, 2007 11:20 PM

I have made it a mission to find prickly pear juice this week, but if I don't succeed I need a backup plan!

The idea is to make a pitcher of a pear cocktail for a party. The version I had at a restaurant consisted of prickly pear juice, regular pear juice (looks like bosc on the bottle), rose's lime syrup, and Absolut pear.

The drink is served over a ton of ice in a big hurricane glass. Not exactly something that packs a huge punch, but a great icy cold summer sipping drink.

If I don't find the prickly pear juice, what else could I add that would complement the pear juice/vodka and give the drink a nice color?

Going against the trend, I do not like pomegranate juice at all. Unless it's fresh, which I don't have tht time for! I don't relaly like cranberry juice either, which puts me at kind of a loss.

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