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Coca Cola Blak Report

Tracy L. | May 11, 2006 11:49 PM

Last night as I was getting a bevie at my local convenience store I spotted Coca Cola Blak. What caught my attention was that it is a 'carbonated fusion' of coffee and coke. I thought 'what the heck, I alternate between pepsi and coffee why not try a beverage that has both'. So I scooped it up and tried it this a.m. After a couple of sips I discovered it tastes like coffee the way cheap coffee liquor tastes coffee. The artificial caramel and coffee flavors really dominated the drink, perhaps it was enhanced by the high fructose corn syrup and two artificial sweeters. As for the coke aspect, it was only slightly reminiscent of coke. Being a caffiene addict I was curious how caffinated it was (it reportedly has twice the caffiene of coke)but I didn't finish it because I had a meeting to go to and left my Coke Blak at my desk and when I returned to my desk at lunch time I was distracted by an awful burrito...but that is another topic.

Anyone else try Blak as well? What were your thoughts?


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