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Cloudy pickling liquid--contents still okay?


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Cloudy pickling liquid--contents still okay?

nofunlatte | Jul 20, 2010 04:54 AM

This morning I pickled the first of my hot hungarian wax peppers (very small batch, actually less than the half-pint jar I used). I sliced the peppers into rings, added the boiled white vinegar/distilled water liquid, processed for about 10 minutes (might have been 11 or 12), and removed from the water bath. The pickling liquid is cloudy, which I haven't had before . I did make a few mistakes--forgot to wipe the rim with a clean, damp cloth before putting on the lid, forgot to take the lid off the canner for its 5-minute rest period before I removed the jar. I don't think this is food spoilage, as the liquid was cloudy immediately. But I am wondering if some impurities got into the jar or were perhaps on the peppers (even though I did rinse them). I have very hard water, so I used distilled water in my liquid. And I did hear that satisfying "pop" sound about 5 minutes after I removed the jar from the water bath. I'll test the seal tomorrow morning, but I wonder if the contents are likely to be safe.

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