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Does cloudy grape jelly taste better than clear jelly?


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Does cloudy grape jelly taste better than clear jelly?

La Dolce Vita | Oct 7, 2004 06:29 PM

This summer, I grew my own Niabell concord grapes. The crop was plentiful, the grapes were perfectly ripe and sweet as honey--just bursting with that signature Concord grape flavor.

I've decided to make grape jelly.

I bought Linda J. Amendt's book, "Blue Ribbon Preserves." I also have the Ball Blue Book of Canning. Both books recommend that you strain the grape juice through several layers of cheesecloth so that the resulting jelly will be crystal-clear.

Here is my question: Will the jelly taste better if I don't strain the juice? It seems to me that it would, because all that particulate matter surely has grape flavor to it.

I'm more interested in flavor than appearance--I don't plan to enter my jelly in any competitions, so whether it is transparent-as-a-jewel is not important to me.

I've made grape jelly in the past, and I know from experience that straining the juice is very time-consuming. If I can skip this step and get a better flavored jelly to boot, I'm all for it.

Do any of you Chowhound jelly-makers out there have any advice for me?

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