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Closing times

Joanie | Apr 11, 2006 08:14 AM

There's a discussion on the New England board about someone going to a restaurant at 8:45 when the closing time posted was 9, being told they couldn't sit down but they could do takeout. Some supposed restaurant worker said how it's only common courtesy to not show up just before closing expecting dinner. And how would we like it if someone stopped by our desk 15 min before end of the day and expected us to be there another hour. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Isn't the posted closing time how late someone can walk in expecting a meal, not when the kitchen closes? It's one thing to walk in at 8:59 but I hardly call 8:45 for a 9:00 closing not showing "common courtesy". I then asked when exactly is the cut off point, 30 min before posted closing time, 45 min? But we were told to move the conversation to this board. This guy's nuts, right?

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