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Clio Report

cannedmilkandfruitypebbles | Sep 8, 2011 02:03 PM

I posted this in another thread but it's kind of buried in there and since there is very little on Clio in this board, I wanted to post it as a stand alone item.

Clio was excellent and expensive and I was fine with it.

We went with the 7 course tasting ($105) menu with wine pairing ($75). I will say that all the dishes were good, some were really memorable.

I'll start with Service. As a rule, I rarely let service ruin my night. However, if i were someone that was easily annoyed by poor service, I may have been a bit aggitated by our waitress, Denise. She was mostly unhelpful and there was just something off-putting about her style.


Us: we'll have the tasting menu

Her: I knew it, you're getting the 10 courses, right?

Us: no, the 7 course with wine pairing

her: oh, Ok.

Something about her being presumptious annoyed me a bit. she also did not explain or detail any of the wines she poured (The most we got was, this is a nice Syrah. She would then pour it and in a flash she was gone.) and the few dishes she delivered, she did not explain in depth. I found myself asking other staff what was in the dish I was eating. We didn't really see her much at all but we did see a lot of the other staff and they were excellent. One young runner named Seth was particularly impressive. You could tell that he loved working at Clio and that he genuinely wanted us, as guests, to love dinning there.

I don't remember all the finer points of the meal but I'll list what i do recall.

Amuse: a little green round dome of Almond, Roquefort, and Arugula- all made into a paste. Sweet, tangy, salty. good.

Tomato water martini- I think they've been doing this for a while so it's not a surprise to many but I was blown away by the flavor. They strain tomtoes until the juices are as clear as crystal then pour the juice over a caperberrry and diced jicima. Basil oil is floated on top. It was the best tomato I've ever drank.

1st: sashimi, don't remember the fish. But it was excellent and topped with a garlicy sesaeme oil. Served with a glass of Sake.

2nd: Two Island Creek oysters with a sweet and sour mingonnette. very good presentation and the flavor was excellently balanced. Served with a sparkling Chablis.

3rd: Tomato salad- I wish I knew better what was in this. It was incredible. I found out from the runner clearing my plate that there was freeze dried black olive in it. Served with a Rose.

***either the fourth or fifth course was paired with a Pinot Noir but I don't remember. And I don't remember what the other was served with.

4th: half a Lobster tail in a lobster and soy broth with Chantrelles. excellent.

5th: Thai inspired corn chowder- corn chowder poured over peanut brittle, dried coconut custard, jalapeno. This was a bit of a miss for me. It was good but the only thing I found really interesting was the brittle.

6th: Beef tenderloin. What made this memorable was not the beef but all of the garnishes on the plate to swril the beef in. There was basil sauce, woodear mushrooms and there was one balck spot on the plate and when I tasted it, I almost fell out of my chair it was so good. It was a reduction of some sort, super concentrated flavor. When the waitress came by to pick up our cleared plates I inquired and she said there may have been black truffle in it. That was the best explaination I got. Served with a Syrah.

7th: Elephant Heart Plum, olive oil Ice cream, hazelnut crumble- This was awful. the plum was not sweet, not sour, just kind of bland. The olive oil ice cream had very little flavor but the consistency of motor oil. What a dissapointment this was. However, Seth overheard my conversation around this and came over to ask for feedback. He then brought out a more standard dessert of Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter powder, and choclolate crumble. It was delicious if not very inventive.
Served with a Moscato.

All in all, a great meal. It would have been much better if the service was a little more attentive. I will also say that the wine pairings were spot on. They all accentuated the flavor of each dish really well. Althought it was expensive, it was worhy of a special occasion and I'd go back again. And yes, Denise, I will have the 10 course tasting.

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