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Clif "Mojo Natural Snack" Bars


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Clif "Mojo Natural Snack" Bars

epicure-us | Jan 9, 2003 02:57 PM

i just picked some of these sweet/savory bars up at my local health food store (commodities in manhattan) where they'd been out of stock for months. they only had two types--luckily it was the two of the three i like the best.

mojos are a welcome follow-up from clif to the often too-sweet luna bars. at first i suspected clif was marketing them as a "luna" for the guys but they're not; at least not in the same way as luna (i.e., touting certain nutrients like folic acid). still, the picture of a sun-worshiping/thigh-flexing figure on the label and the cool, manly name is as macho (macho/mojo, get it...) as a PC berkely company can get.

the two i got:
"spicy salsa peanut," my favorite, has a sustained moderate wave of tobasco warmth and nice cumin-ey undertones and "curry cashew" which is a less hot and not quite as yummy has a spice base featuring turmeric notes (tastes a little like soup mix at times), etc. both are comforting, satisfying but not overly filling snacks. the other flavor that i remember liking was the barbeque almond one. i think it's a little better than the curry one.

regardless, all have an appetizing texture for an energy bar that's unusually natural (not "natural" like a heavy fruits and nuts bar, though not unlike those bland frequently sesame-laden canadian ones i'm STILL trying to like), not chalky or hockey-puckish. it's similar to a thinner rice crispy treat with nuts, slightly sweet and spicy, containing a combo of organic mini pretzels and soy nuggets.

the protein count is 9g for a 200 calorie bar. fewer calories than the original cliff bar but unlike the originals they're not wheat-free. unlike luna bars they don't claim any nutritional benefits. the nuts probably make higher in fat than the original clif and luna. still i don't "crash" after eating one the way i do after a luna. i'm contemplating buying a box and having "mojismo" to spare. :)

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