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Michael Kleinman | Mar 28, 2000 02:19 PM

There's a lot of great food in Cleveland, you just have to look a little harder and sort through the bad. I have listed the name, Street if possible, what they serve, and have put an asterisk next to items I especially recommend. I only know the East side well, I urge someone to do a West side list. I would also like to see people do extensive lists like this for other cities.

1.Tommy's-Coventry Rd.-Hummus,Felafel/Aunt Jane sandwich*

2.Safron Patch-Chagrin Blvd.-Indian/Masala Dosa*

3.Luchita -Shaker Square-Mexican

4.Tuscany-Chagrin Blvd.-Lots of carry out prepared Italian food, sit down as well. Not exceptional but worth going to.

5.Corky & Lennys-Classic deli,not a trendy copy. A menu pages long with rude waitresses in hairdoos from the 50's-it's the real thing! Homemade Gefilta fish*, and the best potato kinishes anywhere on the planet! They grind up their leftover french fries(not from peoples plates!)to make them and the texture is wonderful. I order mine with melted munster or swiss on top. Also Don Herman pickles can be purchased here and are not to be missed!

5.Lax & Mandel Bakery-Taylor Rd.-cream cheese pastries*, Russian tea biscuts*, Double chocolate cookies*, sold by old Russian jewish ladies who scribble in pencil on your bag to figure out your total bill.

6.Bially's-Warensville Center Rd.-Best bagels anywhere-Better than all the top rated N.Y. places, H&H ect.

7.Mid East Bakery-Carnegie Rd.-My favorite pita anywhere*( Sesame),great spinach pies*, zatar* full line of groceries as well, Bulgarian feta***,olives ect.

8. Albas-Cedar Rd.-middle eastern & Chineese -I've only had the Felafel but it was good.

9.Dragers-Van Aken shopping center-Classic ice cream parlor with killer hot fudge -I know people who take it out of state.

10.Miles Market-Miles Rd. Used to be a farmers market now it's turned into a upscale supermarket. Thier food buyer has a good sense of what the best products are and hits in most categorys.

11.Chandler & Rudd- Van Aken Shopping Center-Old classic gourmet grocery.

12.West Point Market-Akron Ohio-A wonderful store, the closest you are going to get to Balducci's,or Dean & Deluca in the mid-west.

13.Dibella's Pizza-Woodland Rd. (I think). Classic Cleveland style pizza.

14.Zesty Pizza -Buckey Rd.-Another classic Cleveland style pizzaeia.Cleveland is the only place in the country where they use pie pans and crimp the edges like an apple pie. They also use Provelone cheese more than Mozzerella because it has more flavor.

15.Gerracies Pizza-Warensville Center Rd-Been there for years, has a very good tomatoey sauce.

16.A Different Pizza-Warensville Center Rd- All they do is specialty pies, the eggplant walnut * is especially good.

17.Angelos Pizza- Detroit or Maison I can't remember-Great crispy deep dish pizza-stays crispy even when cold! The sauce is a bit sweet for me but the crust is one of the best versions of this style in the country.

18.Players pizza-Madison I think)- Ok pizza but good pasta with a make your own concept -choose your sauce and choose your items for pizza & pasta.

19. Mama Santas pizza-Little Italy-Very homemade tasting pizza-not pizzeria like-havent been there in years but assume it's the same.

20.Shuhi sp?-Chagrin Blvd. -Japaneese-Some of the best food in the city -a must.

21.Johnnys Bar-Clark & Fulton-Clevelands best upscale dinning. Get the homemade pasta with seafood in a Chardonay cream sauce.

22.Johnny's room 224-Not sure if it still exists. Located in an abandoned strip motel in room 224. all the other rooms are boarded up.You choose lobster, King Crab leggs ,or Steak. Great homefries and salad arrive in big bowls to your table family style. Self serve beer or soda from their cooler and they tally up the bill at the end.

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