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Clearing Plates (all together or one at a time?)


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Clearing Plates (all together or one at a time?)

Lizard | Oct 27, 2005 03:52 PM

A pet peeve of mine is when my dining companion's clean plate is cleared from the table while I'm still eating. I'm not talking guerrilla warfare busing (salad and bread plate removed while fork is halfway to my mouth), althought that also annoys me as does rapid fire courses (but that is a different thread). I am not completely unforgiving. In more casual places and at informal lunch and at breakfast it doesn't bother me as much. I'm not exactly sure what my criteria is for when this becomes unacceptable .... maybe a table cloth and cloth napkin or a per person price. But am I the only one? I know it is a very remote possibility and completely out of character(hee hee), but is there a chance that I'm just being way too uptight? And I'm not a slow eater! Also, what can I do to stave off this occurence?

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