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Cleaning SS Cookware Inside

Seitan | Jan 21, 201207:45 PM

I've had a set of Cuisinart Multiclad cookware (original handle) for several years now. Whenever I wash them (by hand) and let them air dry (or towel dry), I notice bluish-purplish splotch stains all over the inside. I assume these are some kind of heat stains that affect the color of the S/S. The stains are not deep enough to make any kind of permanent mark. Just putting water in the pan makes the stains disappear again. But the minute the pan begins to dry, the discoloration shows. When I first bought them the sales clerk said just to boil some vinegar in them the first few times and the stains would go away.

Well, using vinegar definitely removes the stains and brings the S/S back to its original glean even after the pans are dry. But after almost a decade of this practice, I find I still have to boil vinegar in the cookware after every wash so that the stains won't appear when dry.. It's getting to be a drag, and I feel I shouldn't have to do this extra step after washing them each and every time.

1). Is there anything I can do to prevent the stains/discoloration from appearing in the first place, or removing them permanently? I've tried using S/S cleaners, but it won't permanently remove the discoloration.

2). The Cusinart Multiclad cookware has a somewhat more shinier chrome finish on the interior than most cookware. Could this be a possible factor ?

Anyone have any similar experiences with other cookware?


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