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Cleaning Reynolds Handi-Vac Bags for Re-Use

Jimmy Buffet | Jan 21, 2008 05:52 PM

Yes, I know they're not that expensive to discard after a single use but I reuse Reynolds Handi-Vac bags.

At first, I sloshed a bit of detergent and hot water inside the bag, then turned it inside out and scrubed all surfaces well with the same solution, rinsing well.

However, I noticed that it is nearly impossible to rinse detergent suds from in between the textured panel and the bag wall containing the valve. This area is also extremely slow to dry, even if blotted with a paper towel..

So I started experimenting. Turn the bag inside out, take a sharp knife or scissors and cut an incision along the top or bottom of the textured panel to within about an inch of each side of where it joins the side of the bag. This opens up the space and will allow you to clean this space, rinse any suds out and dry the inside of the space.

Doesn't affect the sealing process at all.

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