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New cleaning product

Will Owen | Apr 11, 2007 11:27 AM

I never go babbling on about stuff like this, but after fifty-some years of trying and failing to clean stainless steel without weird hazes or smearing I finally found something that does it. It's a new variant of that Fantastik spray-cleaner that I usually use on just about everything in the kitchen, the stainless cooktop (which usually gets pretty grungy between cleanings) being the most challenging. That typically requires about a quart of Fantastik or 409, plus half a roll of towels, and there are still smears that I can't get up but only move around. This stuff got them up with just one application and four or six towels, and that cooktop had gotten really nasty, too. I was so impressed I went nuts and used it on everything in the kitchen, then went outside and attacked the gas grill. Not only did it do everything brilliantly, it even smells good, a lot like green tea. It seems to cut through old gummy grease really well, like on my old range hood that I'd never really cleaned satisfactorily before - I haven't gotten serious about some baked-on residue on my oven doors yet, but I think I'll tackle that next when I'm in the mood.

Anyway, it's apple-green in color, and has the usual Fantastik label, with the subtitle "Clean and Shine." I couldn't find it at Vons, but Ralphs had it - that would be Safeway and Kroger, for non-SoCal dwellers. I'm sure it'll be everywhere fairly soon. And no, I have no financial interest in any retailer, wholesaler, marketing firm or manufacturer - I'm just an old home cook, trying to keep his damn kitchen clean. Okay, clean-ISH...

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