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What's the best way to clean a pastry brush?


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What's the best way to clean a pastry brush?

Gypsy Boy | Feb 2, 2003 10:22 AM

I no longer recall the century in which I purchased by pastry brush. I--probably fortunately--can no longer recall all of the various liquids, semi-solids, and other assorted items that it has plowed through over the years. But on using again yesterday, I noticed that the bristles are what we ought, euphemistically, refer to as..."tacky"--perhaps even figuratively as well as literally.

My initial solution was to simply boil away the crud. When that had minimal impact, I added white vinegar to the water. That had a noticeable but still insufficient effect. Should I simply toss the brush or can anyone save this relic of ages past?

Gypsy Boy

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