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How to Clean Copper Pans?

gpeech | Apr 8, 2012 11:32 AM

I acquired several pans while living in Germany 30+ years ago. Most were never used, and I thought they were all lost when I moved. Today I found them in a long forgotten box. Hurray! I am now a better cook, and am eager to use these treasures.
Some pans have no marks, some are Portugese. I think some were French products, but I see no mark. Most are not terribly heavy. Some have rolled sides and some do not. I have several questions.

1) I recall when they were new some came with instructions on how to remove lacquer coating in boiling water (?) before use. But on at least one pan, the coating apparently did not completely come off before I used it in 1978, it and the heat from the stove made a messy pattern where the lacquer stuck to the copper. If I now want to ensure there is no lacquer on the other unused pans, how do I do this?

2) Several of the pans have a blackened or dark gray appearance to the inside of the pans. Since they have not been used, will this discoloration clean off? Or are the pans usable as they are? How should I try to clean the insides of these pans?
(Other pans have shiny silver colored insides. Would tin discolor badly when not used?)

3) Some molds are dark brown color. Others are still shiny bright. Packed in same box, in same wrapping. Should I assume the shiny ones are lacquered?

4) How should I try to clean copper pans for normal maintenance? I use Twinkle Copper Cleaner for copper bottomed pans which I now use regularly. Is there a better cleaning technique/product for my newfound real copper pans?

Thanks for any advice.

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